Gravel Bottom Brewery

Gravel Bottom Craft Brewery & Supply prides it’s self in offering a rotating line up of craft beer, artfully brewed by passionate brewers to satisfy all beer enthusiasts. Gravel Bottom is a true grassroots brewery, where visitors can talk to the brewers, experience the culture and learn art of craft brewing.  Various types of classes provide a hands-on experience that will inspire customers to learn about and appreciate everything craft beer has to offer.


Mitten Brewery

The Mitten Brewing Company is a baseball themed micro brewery and pizzeria located in the historic Engine House 9 on the city’s West side. They are well known for crafting great beers, including their renowned Peanuts and Cracker Jack Porter, as well as various unique and delicious pizzas ranging from Margherita to the “Westerdog” (chili dog pizza). Mitten also focuses on giving back to the community and were awarded the Michigan Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ 2015 “President’s Award” for their commitment.


Cedar Springs Brewing Company

Cedar Springs Brewing Company is a beacon of traditional German brewing and fare in the heart of Cedar Springs’ downtown. Cedar Springs features two unique tap lists, one that follows the Reinheitsgebot (German Beer Purity Law) and the other includes current craft favorites such as session ales. The brewery also features authentic Bavarian eats along with American smokehouse dishes. Their beers are also highly awarded with the Küsterer Heller Weissbier taking the Gold medal in the “South German Style Hefeweizen” category, and Küsterer Weizenbock also taking Gold in the “South German Style Wheat Ale” category at the 2017 Los Angeles International Beer Competition.  


Rockford Brewing Company

Rockford Brewing Company celebrates beer and food from around the world by utilizing West Michigan’s amazing offerings. Located along the Rogue River and White Pine Trail the brewery boasts a variety of beers including their Paradigm MPA (made with all Michigan ingredients). Rockford Brewing is also well known as a great music venue and for their displays and decor created by local artists. The combination of exciting beer, creative meals, and music & art create a wonderful atmosphere celebrating West Michigan.


Creston Brewing

Creston Brewery creates unique and inspiring beers that are not categorized by style on the menu. The Creston brewers have decided to leave that experience to the customer and instead list a custom made scale in order to describe the color & maltiness, bitter & hoppiness, and primary flavor & aroma of the beer. This removes the tasting biases that are subconsciously associated with styles of beer and allow the customer to taste the beer naturally. The chefs also took the spirit of Creston’s beer in the creation of the menu which pairs perfectly with the beer on tap and changes accordingly.


Speciation Artisan Ales

Uniquely different from the other breweries, Speciation Artisan Ales does not have a tap room or restaurant. Instead, Speciation is a production brewery that opens on the second Saturday of every month to release their newest small batch Sours and Farmhouse Ales.Their beers are self-described as delicious, high-quality and ever-changing beers that reflect nature’s creativity and diversity. Fortunately for our customers, Speciation has agreed to allow special tours of the brewing facility in order for guests to view the behind the scenes.  


Atwater Brewery

Atwater Brewery was founded in 1997 in Detroit, MI in the historic Rivertown district with the goal of bringing back Bohemian Style Lagers that Stroh’s made famous in the mid-1800s. Atwater has experienced rapid growth following the releases of Dirty Blonde and Vanilla Java Porter. They now have three locations: the Detroit Taphouse, Atwater in the Park (Grosse Pointe Park), and Atwater Grand Rapids. The Grand Rapids facility is a small batch production facility and taproom featuring their beers and “Bang N’ Weiners from Detroit”.  

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